About Us

What are we doing?

The Innovation and Knowledge Foundation (FIIW) was established to support socio-economic development and education through the dissemination of innovative solutions to acquire knowledge, raise public awareness and create entrepreneurial attitudes.

FIIW’s activities focus on supporting and expanding the idea of democracy, access to education and the development of innovation.

We pursue our objectives by promoting the creative use of knowledge, entrepreneurial attitudes and the development of innovative solutions in areas that support social activism.

Our programmes:

  • enable those distant from the labour market to enter sustainable employment,
  • provide counselling and financial support to people wishing to set up and run their own businesses,
  • promote mentoring as an innovative form of knowledge transfer and sharing,
  • promote education and financial resourcefulness as a basic life skill.

FIIW’s aspiration is to create projects that propose innovative approaches and implement novel solutions for socio-professional activation and entrepreneurship among groups perceived as passive and at risk of marginalisation.

Achieving the above is accompanied by research and education activities carried out through cooperation in social partnerships with key actors influencing the development of our country and in international partnerships.

Our mission

The mission of the Innovation and Knowledge Foundation is to support socio-economic development through the dissemination of innovative solutions for acquiring knowledge, raising social awareness and creating entrepreneurial attitudes.

Our values are: partnership, respect for dignity, commitment, innovation, selflessness.

Our motto: Twisted for Development!


The FIIW team is made up of people representing different professional backgrounds and life experiences. Diversity is a potential that we use in our daily work and project development. With common goals, all FIIW members focus on finding innovative ways to solve long-standing and complex social problems.

Each of us has the need to share our knowledge and experience and to offer our time for the wider common good. In our team, decisions are taken collectively and openly, respecting the rights of all those who make up the organisation. We operate in a single team structure, comprising the Foundation’s Board of Directors and associates. Within the team, the principle of partnership applies, regardless of position. We are guided by the same values when working with different groups in society.

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